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The independent food movie that can hold its own with Jon Faveau’s movie, Chef!

A father-son story wrapped around cooking...

Food movies never tasted so good…Trattoria is much like Big Night, Moonstruck, and Eat Drink Man Woman and the most recent hollywood ‘indie’ - Jon Faveau’s Chef. Trattoria is a drama/comedy set in the exciting San Francisco restaurant scene, about a chef and his son that reconnect and heal their past through cooking.

Chef Sal Sartini and his second wife Cecelia have just opened their new restaurant, Cinquecento, and are trying to get the reviews and buzz that restaurants need to succeed in the competitive San Francisco culinary scene. As they work out the kinks and get the restaurant running smoothly, Sal's estranged college-age son, Vince, comes to visit and help out in the restaurant.

Sal works more and more to attract customers and be prepared for when the all important food critic tcomes in, falling into the same pattern of workaholism that dissolved his first marriage and separated him from his son originally. He no longer enjoys himself and forgets why he became a chef in the first place - his love of food and cooking... and loses site of what is really important- family.

Chef Sartini must learn with the help of his son to rekindle his passion for cooking and life, and not make the same mistakes again… or risk losing everything.

If you enjoyed Ratuille, Like Water for Chocolate, Soul Food, and Dinner Rush, Trattoria will delight you. Make sure you watch it with dinner of pasta and chianti! Trattoria is tasty enough to be on the best food movies list.

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